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Third Party Liability
We pay for you for property damage, personal injury and accidental damage to other people.
You are compensated in the event of an accident resulting in permanent or temporary total disability or death during the hours you worked for Getir.
We compensate you in the event of total incapacity to work as a result of illness.

(Motor) third party liability - personal injury and accidental damage

We pay on your behalf
for bodily injury to a third party or to property belonging to him
for damage to goods
for moral damages caused to a third party as well as their financial losses
for legal defence costs in connection with any dispute or legal proceedings concerning a delivery
We pay on your behalf
You were using your vehicle at the time of the loss or when you are on foot collecting or delivering a Getir order
We pay on your behalf
Non-motorised vehicles (bicycle)
Electric vehicles (bicycle or car)
Motorised vehicles (2 or 4 wheels)

Indemnity in case of accident

We pay you
for accidental deaths
for permanent total disability and loss of use
for temporary total incapacity resulting from bodily injury caused by an accident
When are you covered
When you are working for Getir
Details of each guarantee

Indemnity in case of sickness

We pay you
in the event of total incapacity for work as a result of illness
from the 1st day up to and 15th day included of sick leave, at a rate of €30 per day.
We pay on your behalf
You were using your vehicle at the time of the loss or when you are on foot collecting or delivering a Getir order

What is not covered?

for personal injury that occurred outside the hours provided for Getir or if you had activated the Getir application but were not available for at least one hour.
for voluntary bodily injury or injury resulting from an act of violence on your part, or if you were drunk or drugged
for coronavirus-related diseases
(COVID-19 or SARS-cov-2)

My insurance in detail

Capital benefits resulting from an accident in Belgium

Indemnity amount
Accidental Death
€ 50.000
Funeral Benefit
€ 3.000
Loss of sight in one eye
€ 15.000
Loss of sight in both eyes
€ 30.000
Loss of a limb
€ 30.000
Permanent Total Incapacity
€ 50.000
Temporary Total Incapacity from an Bodily Injury due to an Accident
Have worked for more than 60 days?
75% of the insured person’s average gross daily income for up to 30 days from the date of the Bodily Injury.
Have worked for less than 60 days?
€ 25 per day for up to a maximum of € 150.
€ 25 per day up to 6 days
Waiting Period
7 days
€ 50.000
€ 50.000
Loss of hearing in both ears
€ 30.000
Loss of hearing in one ear
€ 7.500
Total and permanent loss of speech
€ 30.000
Loss of use of shoulder or elbow
€ 15.000
Loss of use of hip, wrist, knee or ankle
€ 9.000
Loss of use of the whole lower jaw
€ 13.500
Loss of use of kidney
€ 7.500
We indemnify up to
Excess (what you have to pay)
Liability for accidental bodily injury and/or accidental damage
£ 1.000.000
€ 150 for material and immaterial damage
No excess for accidental bodily Injury
Liability for damage to goods
€ 5.000
10%, min € 100
Pure financial loss
€ 250.000
No Excess
Legal defence
£ 7.500
No Excess
For full details and exclusions, please read the terms & conditions

What if you've had an accident?

Don’t worry, in the event of an accident we will be there by your side!

To report an accident and make a claim, fill in the form
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You’ll need to provide some evidence to support your claim and help validate it.

This ensures a smooth and stressfree experience.
When did the accident take place?
Where did it happen?
Can you explain what happened?
Describe the circumstances and the damages.
Who is involved?
Collect the identity and contact of all persons involved / third parties.
Are there any witnesses who could testify?
Get their identity and contact details.
If a motorised vehicle is involved, fill in and get a copy of the European Claim Statement.
Take pictures (scene, license plate, IDs, etc).
Call the police if you have a statement from the police please share it.
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